A Transfer of Equity is the removal or addition of a name on the Title Deeds.

The names must match those on the mortgage & therefore it is always wise to seek your mortgage lender approval at the outset.

It always useful to locate what Deeds you have but it is likely that Solicitor will be able to obtain these directly from the Land Registry.

Once you have obtained your Deeds & any necessary approval from your lender, you are ready to instruct a Solicitor.

As long as your Solicitor is on the applicable lender panel, you may choose who you like. It is always good research online & ask friends for recommendations.

Your Solicitor will then prepare the necessary documentation, along with any specific requests or instructions from your mortgage lender, which you will need to sign before submission to the Land Registry.

The Land Registry will complete the registration & send proof to your Solicitor, which will in turn be sent to you for your records.

To arrange a discussion about a Transfer of Equity, please get in touch with Rick Barrow on 01625 523988 or mail@JBGass.com