Selling a property can be stressful but if you are aware of the process & know what is required of you at different stages, it can be easy also.

Once you have agreed a sale you will need to instruct a Solicitor. Unlike purchases, your lender won’t usually mind who acts & you may choose who you like. It is always good research & ask friends for recommendations.

At the same time, it is worth searching for any documentation you received when you bought the property, as well as any documentation for works carried out during your ownership.


Your Solicitor will forward you paperwork to complete which will include the Protocol Forms. The Property Information Form (TA6) will ask general questions about the property including the aforementioned works you may have carried out. The Fixtures & Fittings Form (TA10) will ask you to consider what you intend to take or leave at the property. It is important that you complete these forms quickly because these form part of the Contract.

Your Solicitor will then issue the Contract along with supporting documentation. The buyer’s Solicitor will order searches based on the paperwork & will in turn raise legal enquiries (questions).


Your Solicitor will attempt to answer these enquiries but they may need your input also. Once these have been answered & your buyer is ready to proceed, you are ready to exchange contracts & set the completion date.

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