The Conveyancing process deals with the transfer of land or property between the buyer and the seller. Such an important procedure should be delivered with complete clarity for all parties involved, yet a recent survey revealed that 42% of the general public felt the overall experience was too complicated and slow.

The poll, carried out by YouGov and commissioned by Landmark Information Group, found that there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the Conveyancing process and the way Solicitors are providing it. The poll received 1,314 responses and only 4% of those said that they felt the process was quick.

However, since Conveyancing represents such a huge step, should it be completed so quickly? A longer process gives both parties time to digest all the information provided by surveys, which could massively influence the final decision.

My personal view is never to rush decision making. However, sometimes life events can influence decision making such as relocation, separation or even pure excitement. Ultimately, this highlights a key theme – the Conveyancing process, and perhaps legal work in general, doesn’t always fit with everyday life & expectations.

While Solicitors and qualified conveyancers may believe that the process is straightforward from the initial interest to the exchange of contracts, those who have no legal expertise may not find it as simple. This is certainly an area we have tried to improve, hence the creation of our guides.

In summary, I think it would be difficult to radically change the overall Conveyancing system but there are certainly areas which could be targeted, particularly around leasehold properties & management companies. You’ll have to wait for the next blog as to what changes I suggest could be made.

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