Jennifer Curtis, who is a Solicitor at specialist family law firm James Maguire & Co, recently blogged about the options available for dealing with property upon divorce.

In summary, on divorce, there are two main options available:
1. Sell the property; or
2. Transfer the property to one party’s sole name.

Depending on circumstances if the parties can agree, or the court orders, there may be a third option:
3. Delay doing anything with the house until a “trigger event”

Clearly, this context requires a degree of sensitivity between parties and a good communication between the various Solicitors. Our collaboration with James Maguire & Co has been successful for over three years & we work together on related work to assist clients within the wider legal context.

Using two law firms’ offers clients the opportunity of using specialists in different legal areas, rather than one firm that covers all. This concept was the reasoning behind the North West Solicitors Group which assists clients to find an expert more easily & efficiently.

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