I reported in a previous blog that the Government was planning a major reform to the way the Probate Court fees are charged. The changes require approval from both Houses of Parliament by a Statutory Instrument. The Government had hoped to push this through as quickly as May. Whatever your views on the snap election called for the 8th June, it means that there is not enough time for the Statutory Instrument to complete its journey through both Houses before Parliament is dissolved in May ahead of the general election.

What does this mean for the future?

At the moment the issue has been postponed until Parliament is recalled after the election. Whether the (new?) Government carry on with the proposals is uncertain and will depend on the results. If the Conservatives are re-elected, then they are likely to push on with their plans, although the increase in fees may not be on the scale previously suggested due to the backlash the proposals have received.

My advice to Personal Representatives is to do all that you can to value the Estate Assets and apply for the Grant as soon as possible as some change is still likely. I understand that the pressure of uncertain deadlines and unforeseen court fees is adding to the stress of what is already a difficult time. Therefore, if you require any assistance please contact me and I will be pleased to offer a no obligation initial interview.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please contact Nicola Lloyd on 01625 523 988 or email mail@JBGass.com