At the end of Part 2, our poten­tial first time buy­er was ready to speak a Solic­i­tor about the legal process.

Infor­ma­tion that you need to have ready before you con­tact your Solicitor;

1. Full name(s) of purchaser
2. Full prop­er­ty address
3. Prop­er­ty tenure (free­hold or leasehold)
4. Mort­gage Lender name (an indi­ca­tion will suffice)
5. Agreed price
6. Any con­di­tions of sale e.g. timescale, spe­cial items such as white goods
7. Desired timescale

Your Con­veyanc­ing Solic­i­tor may ask fur­ther ques­tions but the above is usu­al­ly suf­fi­cient to pro­vide a tele­phone quote &/or quote via email or post.

The quote will con­tain two dis­tinct groupings;

1. Fees – involve a prof­it ele­ment due to the act­ing Solicitor
2. Dis­burse­ments – ser­vice or prod­ucts obtained on your behalf at cost price

Once you have accept­ed the quote, you will need to inform the rel­e­vant Estate Agent of the Solic­i­tor act­ing. Once the Estate Agent has all the detailed they require from all par­ties, they will issue the sales mem­o­ran­dum which begins the process.

The main next steps are;

1. File open­ing & for­ward­ing of paperwork
2. Return of paper­work, ID & search fees by you
3. Order­ing of search­es once the Con­tract doc­u­men­ta­tion is received
4. Title check once the search­es are received
5. Report­ing to you & rais­ing legal enquiries with the vendor’s Solicitor
6. Receipt of mort­gage offer, answers to enquiries & 10% of pur­chase price for the deposit pri­or to exchange of contracts

The final part of our guide will look at what you need to arrange pri­or to exchange of Con­tracts & completion.

To dis­cuss buy­ing a house, please get in touch with Rick Bar­row on 01625 523988 or mail@​JBGass.​com