I report­ed in a pre­vi­ous blog that the Gov­ern­ment was plan­ning a major reform to the way the Pro­bate Court fees are charged. The changes require approval from both Hous­es of Par­lia­ment by a Statu­to­ry Instru­ment. The Gov­ern­ment had hoped to push this through as quick­ly as May. What­ev­er your views on the snap elec­tion called for the 8th June, it means that there is not enough time for the Statu­to­ry Instru­ment to com­plete its jour­ney through both Hous­es before Par­lia­ment is dis­solved in May ahead of the gen­er­al election.

What does this mean for the future?

At the moment the issue has been post­poned until Par­lia­ment is recalled after the elec­tion. Whether the (new?) Gov­ern­ment car­ry on with the pro­pos­als is uncer­tain and will depend on the results. If the Con­ser­v­a­tives are re-elect­ed, then they are like­ly to push on with their plans, although the increase in fees may not be on the scale pre­vi­ous­ly sug­gest­ed due to the back­lash the pro­pos­als have received.

My advice to Per­son­al Rep­re­sen­ta­tives is to do all that you can to val­ue the Estate Assets and apply for the Grant as soon as pos­si­ble as some change is still like­ly. I under­stand that the pres­sure of uncer­tain dead­lines and unfore­seen court fees is adding to the stress of what is already a dif­fi­cult time. There­fore, if you require any assis­tance please con­tact me and I will be pleased to offer a no oblig­a­tion ini­tial interview.

If you would like to dis­cuss any of the above, please con­tact Nico­la Lloyd on 01625 523 988 or email mail@​JBGass.​com