Jackson Barrett & Gass Solicitors are pleased to announce results from their 4-month customer feedback questionnaire.

Conveyancing clients were sent a feedback questionnaire on completion, to gather feedback on several aspects of the service provided; Value, Report, Correspondence, Comparison to other firms, Friendliness and overall rating.

Using a scale of 1 for poor and 5 for excellent, Jackson Barrett & Gass scored ‘very good’ (4) or better in all areas.

JB&G averaged 90.2% (4.51) as an overall score for service, and JB&G were also deemed to be ‘very good’ in comparison with other Solicitors (4.37). JB&G were pleased with a 92.6% score for correspondence, and 93.6% score for friendliness. Clients rated JB&G value at 84.4% (4.22) and JB&G Reports at 83.6% (4.18).

Marketing Manager, Rick Barrow said, “We are obviously very pleased with the feedback provided. We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients, and I think these are reflected in our scores.

Our overall score is also very pleasing, as reflects the reason why we retain the majority of our clients, locally, nationally and internationally. Of the 41 responses, 39 said they would use us again, and 38 said they would recommend us to a friend.”