Jackson Barrett & Gass Solicitors are pleased to announce results from their 2nd 4 month client feedback questionnaire. Conveyancing clients were sent a feedback questionnaire on completion, to gather feedback on several aspects of the service provided; value, report, correspondence, comparison to other firms, friendliness and overall rating.

Using a scale of 1 for poor and 5 for excellent, Jackson Barrett & Gass scored ‘very good’ (4.23) or better in all areas, and have seen score increases across the categories.

JB&G averaged 92.2% (4.61) as an overall score for service, and increase of 3.4% from the first set of results. JB&G were also deemed to be ‘very good’ in comparison with other Solicitors 90.4% (4.52), a 3% improvement on previous results.

JB&G were very pleased with a 97.6% (4.88) score for correspondence (+5%), and 97% (4.85) score for friendliness (+3.4%). Clients rated JB&G value at 87.8% (4.39) which saw a 3.4% increase from the previous 3 month period, and JB&G Reports at 84.6% (4.23) which again increased by 1%.

Marketing Manager, Rick Barrow said, “We were obviously very pleased with the first   4 month feedback provided, and we feel the increases in scores across all categories reflects a conscious effort in maintaining excellent standards, which benefits everyone.

We are particularly pleased with our score for correspondence, which always sets us apart with clients and Estate agents. We hope to further improve on this with significant investment in our case management system which allows clients remote access to the progress of their work, as well as text message and email updates.

Our overall score is also very pleasing, as reflects the reason why we retain the majority of our clients, locally, nationally and internationally. Of the responses, 100% said they would use us again, and 100% said they would recommend us to a friend.”


The questionnaire was conducted by Jackson Barrett & Gass, from 1 March 2008 to 30 June 2008. The original transcripts are retained at our office, as proof of feedback.