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Commercial Property Lease Negotiation

Com­mer­cial Prop­er­ty Lease Negotiation

Rent­ing a prop­er­ty for com­mer­cial pur­pos­es car­ries with it dif­fer­ences from pri­vate res­i­den­tial rentals, so it is pru­dent to seek com­mer­cial lease advice and employ a Solic­i­tor to ensure the terms of your lease are fair, legal and suit­able for your needs.

The first stage in com­mer­cial prop­er­ty lease nego­ti­a­tion is to work out whether you wish to put the lease under your com­pa­ny name or your own name. If the com­pa­ny name is a new lim­it­ed com­pa­ny some Land­lords might pre­fer you to use your own name as the com­pa­ny might be con­sid­ered unre­li­able. How­ev­er this is some­thing to con­sid­er and dis­cuss with a Land­lord and Solicitor. 

Guide to Ten­ant Lease

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When you have found a prop­er­ty you like, assess whether the rent being charged is in line with local prices and real­is­tic in terms of your bud­get. Nev­er agree to a rental price with­out this knowl­edge, and if your ide­al prop­er­ty is more expen­sive than oth­ers in the area offer what you think is a rea­son­able rate and see if the Land­lord will negotiate.

Pri­or to sign­ing a com­mer­cial lease you should also find out how much is expect­ed upfront, and if pos­si­ble nego­ti­ate this. Next look at the over­all cost how much is the ser­vice charge? What will insur­ance cost? Util­i­ties? Is VAT charged and if so can you reclaim it? This will give you a much bet­ter under­stand­ing of your posi­tion and full expenses.

One of the most impor­tant things to estab­lish about your prop­er­ty is what changes you are allowed to make to it, and who is liable for repairs and improve­ments. Speak­ing to com­mer­cial lease Solic­i­tors and hav­ing them look over the con­tract and poten­tial­ly nego­ti­ate new terms is advis­able, par­tic­u­lar­ly if you need to make amend­ments to the prop­er­ty as a key part of your busi­ness plan. Find­ing out the there is a clause in the con­tract which pre­vents you or makes you liable for expen­sive repairs after you’ve signed can be a real drain on your business.

Nego­ti­at­ing a com­mer­cial lease is not nec­es­sar­i­ly prob­lem­at­ic, but you want to make sure that you are get­ting the best deal for your busi­ness and mov­ing into a prop­er­ty which is fit for pur­pose and afford­able with­in your company’s cash flow.

As expe­ri­enced com­mer­cial lease and Com­mer­cial Con­veyanc­ing Solic­i­tors JBGass can offer advice and pro­fes­sion­al exper­tise to ensure you are hap­py with your contract.

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion about Com­mer­cial Con­veyanc­ing please see our eBook.

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Luke Hewitt

Luke Hewitt

  • Head of Commercial Conveyancing, Solicitor & Director

Luke joined JBGass in 2010 before completing his GDL, LPC & formal training contract. He became a company Director in October 2019.

Luke has experience across the property spectrum but specialises in commercial property. He acts for developers in residential & commercial land acquisitions which includes the resulting disposals including plot sales. He also acts for Landlords & Tenants in regards to commercial Leases, as well as associated company work.

Outside of work, Luke enjoys eating burgers, drinking milkshakes, playing football, wearing his parka and listening to anything involving a Gallagher. He is also a disenfranchised Manchester United supporter.