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Conveyancing Services

Do you need Conveyancing Services?

If you are look­ing to buy or sell prop­er­ty, then you will require pro­fes­sion­al Con­veyanc­ing ser­vices. A Solic­i­tor, or oth­er qual­i­fied per­son, will pro­vide Con­veyanc­ing advice and sup­port through­out the process enabling you to be con­fi­dent in deal­ing with your prop­er­ty effi­cient­ly and pro­fes­sion­al­ly at all times.

Guide to Sell­ing Your Home

Guide to Buy­ing Your New Home

Guide to a Remortgage

Guide to a Trans­fer of Equity

There are many types of Con­veyanc­ing Ser­vices but most involve the buy­ing and sell­ing of prop­er­ty. When buy­ing or sell­ing prop­er­ty, you are effec­tive­ly deal­ing with the legal title which can be lease­hold or free­hold. Your Solic­i­tor will offer Con­veyanc­ing legal advice relat­ing to the acqui­si­tion or dis­po­si­tion of the legal title, to pro­tect your inter­ests and assets as a priority.

For imme­di­ate Con­veyanc­ing Ser­vices please get in touch with us on 01625 523988 or mail@​JBGass.​com

Your Solic­i­tor will also offer Con­veyanc­ing sup­port through­out the process, both tech­ni­cal and prac­ti­cal. Tech­ni­cal sup­port, for exam­ple, may be advis­ing whether rights of way are enforce­able over a piece of land. How­ev­er, more prac­ti­cal sup­port will be the cor­rect time to book removal com­pa­nies to avoid incur­ring unnec­es­sary costs should there be an unfore­seen delay.

Our Con­veyanc­ing ser­vices also extend to more non-stan­dard prob­lems that prop­er­ty own­ers and investors face. Res­i­den­tial lease­hold prop­er­ties will even­tu­al­ly require lease exten­sions, par­tic­u­lar­ly those attached to mort­gage finance. Our Con­veyanc­ing con­sul­tants will advise about the full require process and explain in plain Eng­lish what needs to be done.

Our Con­veyanc­ing con­sul­tan­cy also extends to com­mer­cial build­ings, includ­ing the same non-stan­dard prob­lems that res­i­den­tial prop­er­ty own­ers and investors face. Com­mon com­mer­cial Con­veyanc­ing advice relates to leas­es. Com­mer­i­cal leas­es con­tin­ue to become com­plex, with fur­ther pro­vi­sions includ­ed to pro­tect asso­ci­at­ed parties. 

Again, our advice and sup­port extends to both tech­ni­cal and prac­ti­cal sup­port which is cru­cial when con­sid­er­ing your over­all busi­ness aims.

To arrange a dis­cus­sion with our Com­mer­cial Con­veyanc­ing Solic­i­tor, please get in touch

Luke Hewitt

Luke Hewitt

  • Head of Commercial Conveyancing, Solicitor & Director

Luke joined JBGass in 2010 before completing his GDL, LPC & formal training contract. He became a company Director in October 2019.

Luke has experience across the property spectrum but specialises in commercial property. He acts for developers in residential & commercial land acquisitions which includes the resulting disposals including plot sales. He also acts for Landlords & Tenants in regards to commercial Leases, as well as associated company work.

Outside of work, Luke enjoys eating burgers, drinking milkshakes, playing football, wearing his parka and listening to anything involving a Gallagher. He is also a disenfranchised Manchester United supporter.