Mother Juice

A Commercial Conveyancing case study for a London start-up organic juice company, Mother

The aim of MOTHER is to bring accessible, organic plant-based food in a great environment that is eco-conscious yet stylish. Based in Hackney wick, the MOTHER cafe and the passion the business has in what they are trying to achieve is garnering a lot of attention for this burgeoning brand.

Hackney Wick
Leisure Projects

We understand the challenges that a business may face when purchasing a new property, and we have the expertise to make that process as positive and stress-free as possible.

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An Introduction - A word from Rick

During the purchase or leasing of commercial property, the process highlights the importance of hiring a specialist Solicitor as it is more complex than other areas of Conveyancing. By hiring a professional, you can expect bespoke assistance when it comes to dealing with paperwork, allowing the acquisition to continue smoothly.

Rick Barrow
Marketing Director

The Results

  • Though we are priced competitively, there’s never a drop in service
  • Location does not affect our high standard of work
  • We keep in regular contact, keeping you informed of the processes involved with your case
  • We provide both commercial and residential services

Our requirements were that it was someone who was competent and someone we felt could do the job. Then it came down to price, as they are a lot cheaper than their London counterparts. When we realised that geographic location wasn’t going to be a problem, we went with them. We kept in contact largely via email and whenever I checked in they were quick to reply, keeping me informed of the process as it went on. They were very clear in their communications. I’m not one of those people who needs to know the ins and outs of everything that’s going on, so I was quite happy to just leave it in their hands. If I had any questions though they were always able to answer them.” “If anything needed to be signed they would send the documents over clearly-marked, almost idiot-proof so you knew where to sign and who to send it too. They were always friendly, very quick to reply and professional. I would 100% work with them again. In fact, this was the second time we worked together, as they worked on a previous and successful case concerning my flat. I've recommended them to other people too.

Patrick Hill
Director, Mother Juice

Why Jackson Barrett and Gass?

We have the expertise to handle the whole commercial process, including drafting any associated legal documents.

We have the expertise to handle the whole commercial process, including drafting any associated legal documents. As an established law firm, we understand the concerns you may have when it comes to a start-up business, which is why we offer professional advice so you can be confident with the process. We also understand the practicalities of starting a business and that access to the property is paramount.

Jackson Barrett & Gass have always been a specialist private client firm. We provide a number of limited but linked areas of law, this has ensured our staff are knowledgeable and experienced respectively.

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