Commercial Property Solicitors

As businesses grow, so do the number of staff they employ and bigger staff rosters, require bigger offices. Whether you’re selling your current property to move to a more spacious office, or you’re a first time commercial buyer, employing a Commercial Property Solicitor is a must.

Commercial property covers everything from office building and industrial property to farm land and shopping centres. Our qualified Solicitors will offer advice for the entire process, from drafting a lease to ensuring you get the keys on time.

What does Commercial Property Solicitor do?

As specialists in their sector, Commercial Property Solicitors can offer advice and support during the acquisition of commercial property. Buying or selling a commercial property can be significantly more confusing than the residential counterpart, so by instructing a Commercial Property Solicitor from beginning you can rest assured that we’ll offer professional advice on matters including: Leases, Specialist Insurance Unit, Land Acquisition and Agricultural Sales.

Why Jackson Barrett and Gass?

Jackson Barrett and Gass are well equipped to offer the specialist advice needed to make the sale process as seamless as possible. We have over 100 years of experience in dealing with property conveyancing and can advise you on the drafting or approval of associated documents as well as helping with any disputes that may arise.

Jackson Barrett and Gass understands that the sale of commercial property can be a difficult process, therefore we can act as an impartial party, or offer legal advice, ensuring that our wealth of experience to ensure that you’re protected.

Our Commerical Property Solicitor can advise on a number of matters;

  1. Leases - a common way of acquiring an interest in commercial property. They allow a more flexible, short term, and affordable option for commercial than buying a full freehold title. However, because of the flexibility, leases tend to be significant in size and complexity. Specific legislation is also in force to both protect landlords and tenants, and require up to date legal knowledge to assess and advise relevant parties. Please see how we assisted James Maguire & Co.
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  2. Specialist Industrial Unit advice - Legal advice is available for all types of industrial units. We will liaise with you to find our your initial and long term business needs, so that we can assess that both your legal and practical requirements will be possible at your desired property. Our advice also looks to the future by considering both expansion and exit strategies. Please see how we assisted Herbprime.
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  3. Land Acquisition & Plot sales - Acquiring land for development requires considerable legal expertise to ensure the long term development goals match the permitted planning permissions. Initiative and forward planning is also required to devise a legal title to allow efficient disposal of future plots.
  4. Agricultural sales and purchases - Our agricultural Conveyancing service ensures that the buyer receives specialist advice.
  5. Specialist Property Acquisition - Please see how we acquired a Church for development.
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To arrange a discussion with our Commercial Property Solicitor, Luke Hewitt, please get in touch with us on 01625 523988 or