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Your Step by Step Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Complete an LPA questionnaire or attend the office for a meeting


Decide who will act as your attorney


Consider appointing a replacement attorney in the event that your first choice can no longer act


Choose a 'Certificate Provider'. This is someone who can confirm you understand the consequences of making an LPA and that nobody is forcing you to make it against your wishes. We may be able to act Certificate Provider but if not, you will need to choose someone who has known you for at least 2 years or another professional such as a doctor


Choose someone to notify that you are registering an LPA. This can be anybody that knows you provided they are not already named in the LPA


Once you have made you notification decision above, we will send you a client care letter.


Return client care letter and ID


LPA documents prepared


We meet with you to review LPA forms. If you prefer, we can send them in the post


Our fees and office of the Public Guardian frees are paid


You will sign the LPA, registration forms and notice forms


The person acting as certificate provider will sign the LPA


The Attorneys and replacement Attorney will sign the LPA to confirm their agreement to act


The LPA is submitted to the Office of Public Guardian to be registered


The people you chose to tell about the LPA are notified that you are registering the LPA and they have 4 weeks to raise an objection


If no one objects to the LPA being registered, the Office of the Public Guardian will register the LPA. This process takes about 10 weeks in total


The registered LPA is sent to us and we write to you to let you know we have received it


Process complete


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