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When someone dies what he or she leaves behind is referred to as their "Estate". If you die leaving an Estate valued more than £5000.00 then it is necessary for the appropriate person/s to obtain a Grant to establish their entitlement to collect in your Estate and distribute it to those entitled.

A Probate Solicitor can advise you on the different types of Grants of Representation, each designed to cover a particular circumstance. The most common ones are those which cover the two most common situations - either the deceased died leaving a valid Will or they did not. These situations can be confusing and complicated, and an expert Probate Lawyer will help you make sense of them and complete them as quickly as possible.

If you die leaving a Will then you will require a Grant of Probate. "Probate" usually refers to the legal process whereby the deceased's assets are collected together and, following various legal and fiscal steps and processes are, eventually distributed to the Beneficiaries of the Estate. A Probate Lawyer can be very helpful in this process to ensure it goes smoothly.

Jackson Barrett & Gass are able to advise clients on a solution for their specific needs. We are experienced in handling matters from start to finish in an efficient and friendly matter. We are used to dealing with clients directly, or through family members, and our service has been used nationwide, allowing our Probate lawyers to draw upon a wide range of experience for each situation.

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Probate Lawyers

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