Probate Prices

We will always provide a likely cost in writing at the outset once we have reviewed the facts of your case.

Charges are split into fees & disbursements. Fees are always plus VAT & disbursements are not.

Please contact us for a tailored quote but below are some typical quote examples;


Our Fee charged depends on circumstances but will be one of 3 types below & depend on Executor instructions to us. Some Executors like to gather asset valuations themselves thus reducing our workload. Others, meanwhile, prefer us to take care of everything.

  1. Fixed Fee
  2. Hourly rate
  3. Both - Fixed Fee to Grant of Probate & hourly rate thereafter
Service Grant only (no IHT)
Range £500.00 - £2,000.00
Service Full Estate administration (no IHT)
Range £2,000.00 - £5,000.00
Service Grant only (IHT payable)
Range £2,000.00 - £5,000.00
Service Full Administration
Range £5,000.00 - £10,000.00
Service Range
Grant only (no IHT) £500.00 - £2,000.00
Full Estate administration (no IHT) £2,000.00 - £5,000.00
Grant only (IHT payable) £2,000.00 - £5,000.00
Full Administration £5,000.00 - £10,000.00
Disbursements Probate Court Fees
Fee £155.00*
Disbursements Copies of Grant of Probate
Fee £2.50
Disbursements Commissioner's Fees
Fee £7.00*
Disbursements E-Probate (IHT205)
Fee £99.00
Disbursements E-Probate (IHT400)
Fee £149.00
Disbursements Fee
Probate Court Fees £155.00*
Copies of Grant of Probate £2.50
Commissioner's Fees £7.00*
E-Probate (IHT205) £99.00
E-Probate (IHT400) £149.00

* Subject to 2019 changes

A typical transaction takes Grant only (no IHT) takes between 3 & 8 weeks but is dependent on all parties involved & who obtains the valuations. A very complex full administration can take up to 12 months & is dependent on HMRC.

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