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Your Step by Step Guide Remortgaging

Your Guide to Remortgaging

We receive your instructions to act and you inform your new lender that we are acting on your behalf


We write to you with our client care letter and questionnaire which contains queries regarding you, the property, your current mortgage and your new mortgage


You return our client care letter, questionnaire, ID and any search fees which may be part of your new lenders requirements


We request an illustrative redemption statement from your current lender


Your new mortgage offer is issued to you and separately to us at the same time


We review the mortgage offer conditions and the title of the property. Depending on your lender and your property, we may request further details from you


We may need to submit full searches on the property or (depending on your lender) or we may only need to obtain a search indemnity policy to cover this


Upon receipt of the search results, we will need to report any adverse entries to your lender and also inform you of the same


Once we have con rmation from your new lender that they are happy with our report on the title to the property, we can set the le up for completion


We submit our Certi cate of Title (COT) to the new lender and request a nal redemption statement from your existing lender


We send you a completion statement and bill on or before the completion of the remortgage


On the day of completion, we draw down the new lenders mortgage advance and pay off your existing mortgage.After paying our fees and disbursements, we release any surplus to you


We then deal with the registration formalities at the Land Registry by removing your existing mortgage charge from the title of the property and adding your new charge to the same


We provide you and your new lender with the up to date title of the property showing the old mortgage charge removed and the new added


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