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Your Step by Step Guide to Making a Will

Making A Will Hero

You have decided you need to make a Will


Complete a Will Questionnaire or arrange a meeting to discuss your wishes


Complete a Will Questionnaire or arrange a meeting to discuss your wishes


Consider your assets and decide who you would like to leave them to. The people you leave your assets to are called Bene ciaries.You can leave speci c items or a share of everything you own

Consider who you would like to carry out the instructions contained in your Will. These people are called the Executors.You may appoint anyone to act as your Executor and may appoint a professional such as a Solicitor


We will help you determine if you will need to pay Inheritance Tax (IHT) when you die and if so, we will tell you the amount of tax that needs to be paid


If IHTis due, we will discuss how to reduce your tax bill


We will send you a client care letter


Return client care letter and ID


We shall provide you with further IHT advice (if required)


A draft Will is prepared and sent to you for checking along with a plain English version


If amendments are needed, a further draft is sent to you for checking


If no amendments are needed, the engrossment copy ( nal version) is prepared


Our fees are paid


A meeting is arranged to sign the engrossment copy at our of ce. Alternatively, we can send the engrossment copy to you for signing at home. We also provide you with full instructions on how to sign your will in accordance with legal requirements


We check your Will to ensure it has been signed in accordance with legal requirements


You decide where you would like to store your original Will. If you decide to keep your original at JBGass, we will provide you with photocopies


We rec­om­mend review­ing your Wills at least every 3 to 5 years
You should con­sid­er Wills and Inher­i­tance Tax plan­ning as part of your over­all Life­time Plan­ning
We can pro­vide copies of your Will to your Execu­tors and Ben­e­fi­cia­ries for no addi­tion­al charge
If you sign your Will at our office, we will act as witnesses

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