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Will Prices

We will always provide a likely cost in writing at the outset once we have reviewed the facts of your case.

Fees are always plus VAT.

Please contact us for a tailored quote but below are some typical quote examples;

Wills Standard Single Will
Fee £250.00 + VAT
Wills Standard Mirror Will
Fee £400.00 + VAT
Wills Severance of Joint Tenancy
Fee £195.00 + VAT
Wills Codicil
Fee £100.00 + VAT
Wills Bespoke Wills & Trusts
Wills Fee
Standard Single Will £250.00 + VAT
Standard Mirror Will £400.00 + VAT
Severance of Joint Tenancy £195.00 + VAT
Codicil £100.00 + VAT
Bespoke Wills & Trusts POA
Court of Protection Statutory Wills
Fee POA + Court fee of £400.00
Court of Protection Application to appoint Deputies
Fee Hourly Rate plus VAT*
Court of Protection Fee
Statutory Wills POA + Court fee of £400.00
Application to appoint Deputies Hourly Rate plus VAT*

*NB Average total cost is usually between £1,500.00 and £1,750.00 plus VAT

A typical Will transaction takes between 2 & 3 weeks.

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