Having to plan for the time when you’re no longer around is a daunting thought, but some things are unfortunately inevitable which is why creating a Will is a necessity. Whilst some are willing to pay for a professional, others are taking matters into their own hands.

The cost of hiring a Solicitor to write up a will could extend to hundreds of pounds if it is particularly complex, so why not do it yourself? You can buy DIY Will kits from for around £20, but should you really trust all your money and Estate to something written by a person that does not have any legal knowledge?

If you make your own Will, you’ll be under the assumption that everyone interprets your words as you meant them, but that’s not always the case. If the Will is misinterpreted then your possessions may end up going to the wrong people and unfortunately, there’s legally nothing your intended recipients can do. To make matters worse, there’s the risk that your Will is declared invalid and it will be left to the law to decide who your money and property should go to. 

You may save some money at the time by not hiring a Solicitor, but in the long run it could turn out to be a lot more expensive. Changes may need to be made, whether it’s a change of Beneficiary or choosing a different Executor, and you can’t just scribble out one name and replace it with another. When making changes, there are two main options; create a new Will or create a Codicil (a document that adheres to the same legal rules as a will but only used for small changes). Both of these options require significant time and can be costly.

It is also very important that you outline who the Executors are in your Will. An Executor is someone who you have chosen to carry out the directions of the Will and such an important job responsibility should not be left to just anybody. There are few restrictions in choosing an Executor and they may even be someone mentioned in your Will (as long as they’re over 18.) Common Executors include children and Spouses; however, it is usually advised that you have multiple Executors in case one dies before you.

If you have your will created by a Solicitor or bank, then a copy will be kept securely with them.  This is extremely handy if any backup copies are needed. All too often those who create their own Wills hide them away where they won’t be found and fail to divulge the location. Seeking legal advice also ensures you don’t pay more Inheritance Tax (IHT) than necessary. By having an expert oversee the writing of your Will, you can rest assured that your loved ones receive as much as they possibly can.

It’s your Will and the creation process is entirely up to you. DIY options are available but a Solicitor will ensure your Estate gets to where it needs to go, whilst you can be confident that there will be no mistakes and even if something does go wrong, you’re protected. By instructing a Solicitor, the whole inheritance process can be made easier for you and those close to you.

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