Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing relates to the purchase or leasing of properties such as offices, shops, public houses and factories. Employing a specialist in this sector will ensure you get the best price for the new office your business needs.

Jackson Barrett and Gass has been open for over a century and our expertise has helped countless businesses through the entire conveyancing process to secure the properties that best suit their needs.

What is Commercial Conveyancing?

Dealing with the purchase or leasing of commercial properties, those who specialise in conveyancing know the importance of hiring a specialist solicitor as the process is more complex than other areas of conveyancing. By hiring a professional you can expect bespoke assistance when it comes to dealing with lease agreements or planning permissions, allowing the exchange of property to continue smoothly.

Why Jackson Barrett and Gass?

We have the knowledge to handle the whole commercial conveyancing process including drafting up the associated legal documents. As an established law firm, we understand the worries you may have when it comes to purchasing a new property for your business, which is why we offer professional advice so you can be confident with the process. 

The commercial conveyancing process itself is complicated, but at Jackson Barrett and Gass our knowledge of the legalities is always the best it can be to ensure the time consuming process is handled without error.

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Our Commercial Conveyancing service includes but is not limited to;

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